So most people are saying “well duh of course you have to stay organized”…

But for some of you you might have “YOUR SYSTEM” which is really just piles of stuff here and there. So here’s some reasons why you need to stay organized in your business and how you can do it efficiently.

So your office, workspace, ect. Is a cluster @%&$.. and its hard to find anything. You don’t know where you put that “one receipt” and you have no room to work anywhere! This is actually a common thing for some people trying to start a small business or even for big businesses that just don’t “have time” to organize.

Actually your hurting your business by not having your stuff in places thats readily accessible. So why is being organized so important? Here”s why…

Time. If your spending hours looking for receipts, reports, and what not your wasting time that you could be spending getting things done, getting orders out, researching new ways and getting new ideas. Not to mention customers are not usually very good at waiting for things. Time is Money. If your wasting time your wasting money! And in todays inflation thats one thing none of us can afford to waste. It also applies to customers and sales, if you can’t find the order sheet, or the pricing list for a customer, it shows the customer your lack of attention to detail and might hurt you in doing any future business with them. Even if you turn out a good product or service, they are going to assume you don’t just by how organized you are.

So what can you do? Start with your papers and files. Get a filling cabinet of container with tabs on the folders and file everything by the month for that year. You can even staple receipts to orders if you need to. Talk with your tax guy about things to keep track of for tax deductions. Have a computer to keep track of things. There’s lots of programs that are free you can use to keep track of your finances, waste, and profit margins. Also keep you work spaces and tables clear of clutter, food or drink, and keep them clean so you can work seamlessly and effectively.

Pay your bills as soon as you get them, or as soon as you have money to. Write the date and how much you paid, on the bill and put them in the proper file. Get a task setting app like or Click up to keep you and your employees and/or team members on task. So you never have to wonder if something got done or not. Microsoft Word and Excel are also very good tools to use to help you do everything from printing out receipts and graphs to flyers and trackers to help you see where your money is going.

So in a nutshell…

If your more organized in your business, you take less time finding things and more time being productive. If your more productive , you get more things done, and the more things you get done, the more money you make. See? No problem. Hey…you got this!

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